Searching for that perfect pair of shoes is a serious issue. Even more serious when you need it to be comfortable but on the other hand stylish and convenient all day long. Our love for shoes lead us to make our Etsy store “Sandelles” in the summer of 2014. We not only wanted to make handmade leather sandals but to offer custom made options. A mixture of ancient greek style sandals and modern design is what represent our style. Every pair is made by hand with collaboration of us and skilful craftsmen in Cyprus.

As we are sisters, It runs in our blood the creative flair as it was a common decision to collaborate and make a shop which not only offer variety of sandals but give the opportunity to every customer to customize his pair and order his pair according to his feet measurements.

Our primary goal is to keep our customers satisfied and happy with their purchases. We are always open for suggestions and opinions!

Thank you for visiting our store,